Earth Day, Every Day

  • Our Earth Day tee's are embroidered, on natural dyed garments. This does away with a huge chunk of harmful chemicals that traditional production uses. As always 100% of revenue is donated to grassroots environmental work. Specifically, the advancement of waste water treatment in Metro Vancouver, removing micro plastic and toxins before entering the marine environment.


    The decision to create a product right now was a tough one. We went for it because it's a great, simple way to contribute to the causes that mean the most to us, and maybe you. We don't want to stress you out if you can’t pay as much attention as usual to environmental issues, but we do want to make it easy to support them. This support means the world to us, in whatever way, shape, or form that looks like - we appreciate it. 

    Earth Day, Every Day


      A non profit creative and strategic studio for environmental efforts.


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